Top Five Video projects of 2023

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Top Five Video projects of 2023

By: siarza_admin
Date: 26 Dec 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on some of our favorite video projects from this year. These were more than just assignments – they were opportunities for us to push ourselves and create exceptional work that exceeded expectations. From capturing lively events and promoting local businesses, to collaborating with clients and telling impactful stories, these projects truly left a lasting impression on us. Join us as we revisit this year’s Top Five Video Projects and share the insights that made them so special.

AlbuKirky Seasonings Holiday Sales Ad

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In the world of production, challenges are inevitable. They test your skills and elevate the final product to new heights. Justin and Marisa experienced this first-hand when they encountered shooting delays and other unexpected obstacles for AlbuKirky Seasoning’s holiday sales ad. But instead of giving up, they rose to the challenge and found a way to deliver an ad before Thanksgiving weekend with limited time and a completely different conceptual approach. This experience taught them that sometimes, less is more and creativity flourishes when faced with adversity. In the end, the first ad of the campaign exceeded all expectations and was a source of pride for both us and our client.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico Family Story

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The year 2023 began with a project that touched our hearts and moved us deeply. The story revolved around a family who found solace at the Ronald McDonald House while their newborn daughter was receiving medical treatment. What made it even more special was the fact that the father had previously stayed at the same organization when he was hospitalized as an infant, almost four decades ago. It was a truly powerful and uplifting tale that we were honored to share.

Rio Grande Down syndrome Network Bike Camp

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The entire team was in for a treat when we got to work on this project. The video shoot at Volcano Vista High School for the RGDSN Bike Camp was effortless and enjoyable. The team conducted natural, unscripted interviews with parents of participants in the bike camp, capturing their genuine emotions and thoughts. Then, we spent some time capturing b-roll footage of the members in action on their bikes. It was a joy to witness the story unfold through the lens of our cameras, with people fully immersed in an activity they love and sharing their reasons for doing so. This project truly embodied the uplifting spirit of the program it portrayed.

Roswell UFO Festival 2023

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Our summer was filled with excitement as Justin and Kristelle embarked on a trip to Roswell. Their mission? To capture photo, video, and social media content for the town’s biggest weekend of the year, the annual UFO Festival. From the lively events and mouth-watering food to the vibrant vendors and engaging seminars, there was no shortage of material to work with. But what truly made this project unforgettable were the characters they encountered along the way. To top it off, Kristelle’s husband, Spencer, generously lent a hand behind the camera, adding his unique perspective to the mix. We hope that the final video will do justice to this incredible experience and showcase just how much fun we had capturing all the dynamic moments throughout the event.

Taste of Nob Hill 2023

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Capturing footage at an event filled with lively people, delicious food, and beautiful weather is always a treat. And when that event is geared towards promoting local businesses and celebrating a community, it becomes even more special. Justin and Jace had a blast working together to capture all the unique sights, sounds, and flavors of Nob Hill Main Street’s biggest yearly event, Taste of Nob Hill. It was a wonderful experience to witness the excitement and passion of the community members as they came together to support and showcase their local businesses. And for our team, it was a great opportunity to create content that not only captured the essence of the event but also helped promote and uplift the community.

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Our clients are our partners, and it is through collaboration and dedication that we are able to create content that truly resonates with their audience. Each project brings a unique set of challenges, but we embrace them wholeheartedly as they allow us to constantly innovate and improve our craft. And when all is said and done, it is the relationships we form along the way that make our work truly meaningful and fulfilling. Here’s to many more successful projects in 2024, where we can continue to share impactful stories and bring visions to life together.

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