Translating The Biggest Facebook Change for Marketers

Translating The Biggest Facebook Change for Marketers

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 27 Mar 2015

On March 25, 2015, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced a series of features and updates for developers at the F8 conference, mostly noting changes that affect coders who integrate the social network into their applications. One change, “Messenger for Business,” alters social media strategies.


Public relations, advertising and marketing professionals may not see the significance in these recently announced changes, but the Facebook Messenger improvements for businesses will improve the communication and customer service capabilities for brands and marketers.


Rather than learning how to code or develop an app, Siarza Social Digital broke down the impact of this feature for our clients and friends:


Facebook Messenger Improves Customer Service for Brands

According to Mashable, Facebook is rolling out a new option to let users chat with businesses directly through its Messenger application.


Currently, customers can send a message to a Facebook page, brands have to find their customer information in their sales databases, and after a long dialogue of back-and-forth messages, the customer’s problem is solved. They can’t be tracked or monitored through third party-applications in an organized way.


Once developers get a feel for the new Facebook Messenger changes, service calls can cut in half.


Some of the possible customer service features developers can build into applications include:

  • Accepting payments through Facebook Messenger
  • Instant message businesses to make reservations
  • Check shipping information
  • Handle general customer service issues


What this means for marketers

Social media is no longer a sole function of the marketing department.


Facebook becomes a task (if it hasn’t already) that will echo through sales and operations. Social media practitioners will have to learn how to implement new strategies outside of the funny meme and connect with customers as if they were the sales person behind the register.


More Facebook Developments

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