Top Five Social Campaigns of 2023

Top 5 Social 2023

Top Five Social Campaigns of 2023

By: siarza_admin
Date: 29 Dec 2023

Step into a reflection of the past year as we highlight some of the standout moments in our digital adventures. In this roundup, we’re revisiting our top five social media campaigns that marked our 2023 journey. From interesting stories to innovative tactics these campaigns showcase our dedication to storytelling, community, and the ever-changing world of online engagement. Join us as we peel back the layers behind the posts, hashtags and shares that made these campaigns memorable.

Hotel Zazz

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Our “365 Days of Zazz” campaign brilliantly highlighted the joyous experiences awaiting guests at Hotel Zazz throughout the entire year. From delightful events such as Dive-in Movies and captivating Burlesque nights at Z Lounge to the grand unveiling of their exclusive on-property spa, every moment was designed to be a celebration. Crafting this campaign has not only been an exciting endeavor for our team, fostering boundless creativity, but it also encapsulates the sheer fun that defines the essence of Hotel Zazz.

Caja Del Rio

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Nestled just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Caja del Rio unfolds a tapestry of natural wonders, from diverse wildlife to millennia-old petroglyphs and the coexistence of geological features with Pueblo and Spanish communities. This year, our team embarked on a mission to champion the cause of Caja del Rio’s permanent protection. Our content is a tribute to the breathtaking beauty of this region, emphasizing its significance. Beyond aesthetics, we strive to empower individuals with information on how they can actively participate and contribute to the preservation efforts.

UNM Truman Health Services

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UNM Truman breaks new ground in innovative communication, seamlessly blending visually striking imagery and compelling copy to engage diverse audiences. Tackling what is often considered a sensitive or intimidating topic, UNM Truman’s creatives endeavor to destigmatize HIV testing and care, integrating it into a holistic health and well-being lifestyle. The inclusive representation of audiences in chosen imagery is mirrored in a strategic outreach that extends beyond conventional social platforms, reaching audiences on dating apps to streaming platforms.

Ronald McDonald House Charities – New Mexico

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We love using video to tell stories and showcase that often with RMHC-NM, weaving compelling narratives that vividly illustrate the impact of donors’ monetary contributions and volunteer hours on the families they serve. Volunteer and sponsor shoutouts not only highlight community partners in action but also cultivate a sense of shared purpose among RMHC-NM’s supporters. Powerful infographics distill high-level data into a visual language, effectively conveying the profound impact on the families who benefit from their services.

Bernalillo County Department of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS)

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The Bernalillo County Department of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS) stands as a crucial force addressing the mental health, substance abuse, addiction, and homelessness crisis in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, and the middle Rio Grande region of New Mexico. Over the past four years, the Siarza team has collaborated with BernCo DBHS to amplify awareness of vital community services and programs, bringing home a Best of Show honor from the PRSA Cumbre Awards in 2023. From the comprehensive campus services to their innovative free app, crafted by Siarza, the content seamlessly combines essential facts, mental health insights, and practical information about available programs, fostering a community-oriented approach to addressing these critical issues.

goodbye 2023

Each campaign this year was a piece of the digital puzzle, reflecting the creativity and effort that shapes online presence. With an eye on the horizon of 2024, we carry the experiences of these campaigns forward, propelling us into another year of crafting stories and connection in the vast world of social media. Here’s to the stories yet to unfold in the social media landscape!

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