Winning Lessons from Agency Veterans – Siarza Social Digital


Winning Lessons from Agency Veterans – Siarza Social Digital

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 21 Dec 2016

Winning Lessons from Agency Veterans

My name is Kristelle, and I’m an agency addict.

I love hearing about the good ‘ol days in the advertising and public relations industry of New Mexico. These “Mad Men” have paved the way for agency owners like me, and I’ve enjoyed hearing their lessons learned and advice to pass on to a rookie.

Over the last two years, I’ve had coffee with former art directors, fun lunches with past directors of public relations, and happy hours with the mighty account executives that have been, in my opinion, the soldiers in the trenches of the advertising agency wars.

I’ve heard thrilling stories of the late Rick Johnson. His previous account execs call them, “My favorite Rick stories.”

One of my new favorite stories was from an owner, recollecting dropping off boxes of artwork and client files (hey, it was the 80s) before letting them go because of a horrid client relationship.

It’s even humbling when an agency owner comes up to us and says, “We’re really rooting for you.”

After the dozens of meetings, I’ve realized we all want the same thing for our clients: success.

The culture of Siarza Social Digital is very much a family environment. We can’t help it. There have often been times when a member of the team says they feel as much a part of a client’s team as ours. I like to believe that’s because of the steps we take to understand and collaborate with each organization we work with and the level of service we deliver.

When a client’s event sells of a digital campaign they ran, we very much relish in their victory with them. We are also the first to admit when digital media is not the sole answer and have helped our clients find the right agency or developer who can meet their needs.

With only two years under our belt, we’ve also had the opportunity to be contracted by some of the best PR and marketing agencies in the state and around the country to focus on what we do best so they can do what they do best.

The saying goes “two heads are better than one” and that’s the approach we take when partnering with other agencies to carry out a client’s marketing needs and goals. The truth is, we are constantly learning, adapting and finding innovative ways to tell our client’s story; but we don’t know everything.

It’s always been the philosophy of SiarzaSD, that while we can serve many clients independently, we can make great partners to other firms who might need an extra hand in our specialities.

I’m lucky to see the team play nice, adapt well and have turned out noteable projects for clients. The results are robust, our partnering agency looks good, our client is successful.

We all win.

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