Our 2021 In Review

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Our 2021 In Review

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 3 Dec 2021

Another December has arrived! ‘Tis the season to start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions, 2022 plans, and reflect about 2021. Let’s rewind a bit and look back on the challenges we faced and the accomplishments we made this year. We also have much to look forward to in the new year! 

Let’s start off with the changes of 2021. What was new? Well, for one, Facebook got a *major*  facelift. This shocked all of the Account Executives on the team. Some of us did not mind the changes and others felt like they had to relearn everything. Overall as an agency, we see this as a good thing. Facebook/Meta is evolving and adapting to meet the needs of human interaction. We are curious to see where it goes!

2021 was a huge year of growth for our team, as well. We made major strides as a team and even added a few more Cumbre awards to our gallery wall. While we always look at everything as a team effort, let’s take a second to brag about some individuals who crushed it this year:

  • Donyelle was promoted to our Director of Client Relations with her masterful skills of project management.
  • Simon led our team in upping our creative capabilities as our Creative Lead all while shifting to life in Washington State.
  • Julia expanded our advertising cred by becoming the first on our team to earn her Facebook BlueprintCertification. She also became a first time mom this year!
  • Marisa has been a hero Account Executive taking on more clients and projects than ever before with the help of her furry officemate, Luna. 
  • Justin’s video production work for Santa Fe Navy Week 2020 earned us a Gold Cumbre this year! Also, he scared several of us with his prop doll, Annabelle (see right).
  • Chastity became QuickBooks certified and helped to make 2021 one of our most financially successful years as our Business Manager. 

  • Kailey has stepped up and blown us away as a Jr. Account Executive and we could not imagine our team without her! 
  • Amy has mastered the art of organizing an agency and wrangling in our team as our Executive Assistant. That’s not an easy feat! She can manage]schedules and business development all while making sure our grammar is on point. 
  • Gentry came on board as a Copywriter, but has been able to expand on to many other projects. By day, she can knock out a bomb content calendar, and by night she’s dropping hot tracks! (check her out on Spotify!)
  • Rachel joined us all the way from Wisconsin as one of our newest Jr. Account Executives.They have taken on some of our bigger accounts in stride and always takes the time to focus on the details with the help of their cat, Boris. 
  • Our boss lady, Kristelle, of course has been killing it, keeping our agency thriving and pushing all of us to reach beyond our comfort zones. Having a cool boss and a great work family makes our whole team that much happier.

After a year of working remotely, it was a great feeling to come back home. But wait! Even our home base got a major upgrade! Our new headquarters in the Seagull Office Plaza has allowed us to up our game in video production, podcasting and team collaboration. *So much more room for activities!*


Overall, we could not be more thankful for the opportunities our clients have given us this year to learn and grow. 2021 was one for the books, but we’re planning on doing even more in the new year. Watch out! You’ll be seeing much more SiarzaSD in 2022!




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