One Year In: Pivoting Humans

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One Year In: Pivoting Humans

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 18 Mar 2021

One Year In – Pivoting Humans
How We’re Holding Up & What We’re Looking Forward To

New Mexico went virtual about a year ago. We previously wrote our team’s experiences after a few months of isolation. A lot can change in a year, though, and we have all certainly learned a lot. With new additions from new team members. 

Aurora: During the pandemic, I left my dream location and felt like I had failed at my life and goals. I learned over time that was not the case. My relationship became long distance and I saw how strong we were. Also, thanks to living with my parents again, I realized how much I have grown in the years I was gone.

Devin: Almost exactly a year ago is when I walked into my last in-person class of undergrad without knowing that it was going to be my last. I moved to New Mexico from Michigan and I’m looking forward to experiencing some New Mexico True experiences. I also would love to have in-person classes for at least part of my graduate school experience, which kicks off this summer. An in-person graduation ceremony for that would be nice, since my undergrad ceremony was canceled last year.

Simon: I dove into Legos and plant caretaking nearly about the same time the pandemic started. I’ve been addicted ever since! On top of that, I’ve been able to work on goals I set ten years ago; I’m making the move to the Pacific Northwest soon, and it’s a dream come true. Don’t worry, Siarza ain’t done with me yet! 

River (he/him): I learned to skateboard, relearned how to ride a bike, and learned how to make some cocktails! I got banged up doing the former two. My hands actually have some new scars and my knee knows when it’s going to rain. (Do you know what a death drop is? I basically did that accidentally while skateboarding down a parking garage. First-time skaters, beware!)

Julia: Being home made me realllllly appreciate the people in my life. I learned not to take quality time for granted. Sunshine breaks with the dogs have also now become a regular thing!

Donyelle: I have always known stay-at-home moms have special talents and patience, but I got a whole new perspective while juggling taking care of a new baby, homeschooling my kindergartner and working from home. Holy cow has that appreciation for those moms grown two-fold! With things reopening, I am hopeful that Buddy Walk 2021, the annual fundraiser for the Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network, will be safe and in-person. I miss seeing all of RGDSN’s wonderful families! 

Kristelle: I feared that an economic downturn or a recession would kill SiarzaSD in a heartbeat – in fact, it led to growth and resilience. This gave me an opportunity to truly appreciate gratitude and kindness in a different light, since the world got ugly and grim for a while. 

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