New Office Tour

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New Office Tour

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 14 Jul 2021

2021 began with a lot of ups and downs, but we are so excited to announce our new offices! Our team went from 1,000 square feet to a whopping 3,000! A huge thanks to all that were involved helping put this together. We couldn’t have done it without you! Welcome home, Siarza Social Digital!

It’s time to begin the office tour. Grab a snack and let’s go!

When you first walk into our suite (B201), you will be greeted by our Executive Assistant, Amy! Here you will get all of your questions answered, pointed in the right direction and come to the realization with how bold and colorful this place is. Now let’s show you where you will be seated while you wait for your meeting!

Our lounge area is where you can kick up your feet, take a little nap, or read up on some marketing materials while you wait. You have 2 options to choose from: a suede chair or our signature green velvet couch. The choice is yours… choose wisely! Both have pillows for ultimate comfort, though!

Over here, you will see where Asian Business Collaborative (ABC) stays and gets creative alongside Siarza. Their desks and chairs match perfectly with their brand! We are so excited to be able to have a space big enough for them to fit comfortably in the new office with us.

Feeling hungry or thirsty? We can grab you a cup of joe or some water from our kitchen. It’s equipped with everything you can think of (you should see what we keep in the junk drawer). You’ll also see our core values proudly presented on the wall here, to represent who we are as an agency. QUALITY, COMMUNITY, DIVERSITY and INNOVATION are the foundation that Siarza Social Digital grew from and will continue to grow into.

Our kitchen has the fanciest Keurig you’ll ever see (it makes lattes?!), an electric tea pot for all of the tea lovers and a french press. Yes, that is a lot of different ways for us to get our caffeine fix, but hey, we need it after a long day of working hard!

Next stop… ‘The Hub’ aka our conference room! This is where the magic happens – lots of client meetings, discussions, long convos, and big laughs. We also have a Nintendo Switch hooked up to the TVs in case we feel like playing Mario Cart. Our motto at Siarza is ‘stay humble, hustle hard’, so we had to get a Switch and board games to play with!

After the meetings (hopefully you got some useful information out of it) we move along to our offices: ‘The Maker Space’ and the ‘Think Tank’. This is where we sit in our bean bag chairs, watch a little Netflix, eat a snack… kidding! This is where we work on creating content, developing strategies, fixing websites and collaborating. Our awesome decor creates the perfect atmosphere for our creativity to thrive here.


Outside of our offices we have a comfy, red couch (yes, another couch) and yes, with more pillows. The more couches, the better. Our office has the comfiest vibes to it now.

Lastly, the girl boss office! Kristelle’s spot is decked out top to bottom in her style with a full length mirror and a couch! This is where you will hear Kristelle laughing and jamming out to all kinds of music.

That’s all folks! Thanks for stopping in and taking a tour of our new offices.The next time you pop into the agency, you’ll find your way a bit more! Siarza Social Digital is extremely grateful for all of the opportunities that lead us up to this moment. Now let’s get to work!

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