Make Some Noise


Make Some Noise

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 25 Mar 2017

Make Some Noise

You’re at a party, maybe you’ve had a Marble IPA or two, and suddenly your friends are sharing different opinions about the wild world of American politics. Who are you looking at? The ones that are speaking up or the ones that are silently nodding along in the corner?

The same thing happens in marketing every day. With so many voices and opinions it can be scary to let people know what you really stand for and what you don’t (and make sure you’re being heard!).

After the recent presidential election, we at the agency have noticed an influx of deactivated or ignored social media accounts. Some people are using this as an opportunity to be the loudest minority and some are getting offline altogether. So how can you adapt your business and stand out in the crowd? Make. Some. Freaking. Noise.

No, you don’t have to be the loud, drunk guy making sure everyone knows that he refuses to eat anything made with GMO’s, but you have to let your audiences know that you care. Tastefully voicing your opinions when it counts can engage your audience, cultivate a following, and make people pay attention.

Finding the fine line between catching attention and not compromising your reputation can be hard. Finding your voice, what you stand for and being courageous enough is key to making sure you find this line.

Stopping the conversation if it gets ugly or unproductive is going to be necessary, but healthy discussion and sharing of opinions makes you stand out in the ultra-competitive business world.

So who are you going to be?


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