Learning and Growth: My Semester as an Intern with Siarza SD

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Learning and Growth: My Semester as an Intern with Siarza SD

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 28 Apr 2020

It’s true what they say, that life doesn’t always work out exactly as you planned, however, you usually get something better out of it. 

The timing and road to becoming an intern at Siarza SD was pretty serendipitous for me. My last semester at UNM had come (or so I thought) and I had yet to complete an internship as I had told myself I would do. Feeling it might be too late, I had started to come up with new plans- that was until I found out I was short two whole credit hours of my Bachelors. Disappointed, I went ahead and registered for a two hour credit course for my last semester, though I soon realized this was my opportunity to find an internship after all. 

Applying for the Gig. 

Given the circumstances, I began thinking of what I was looking for in an internship. This included a really fantastic environment with positive and like-minded people. Being a feminist, a woman boss sounded ideal. I wanted somewhere that was professional yet relaxed, where I could learn even more about digital marketing, while being supportive of local businesses. A place I could experience what it is like to work with people across the globe as well. My bigger question was, “Did such an internship exist somewhere in Albuquerque, New Mexico of all places?” And it did- with Siarza Social Digital.

One day I came across the call for an intern at Siarza SD in my UNM email. A paid internship for a company right here in Albuquerque?! No way! I was both excited and slightly terrified to apply at the same time. Taking the intimidation as a cue, I decided to give it my best shot and see what I could learn just from the process of applying. Afterall, you never know unless you at least try. The application process was lengthy, but most definitely worth it. I landed an interview which eventually led to getting the position. 

The Experience.

This internship turned out to be so much more than I could have hoped for. I was welcomed with a team lunch outing, which happened to be the first of many more meals to come. The office is full of diverse, positive and uplifting people. Siarza SD is so professional and organized, yet still maintains a fun, lighthearted atmosphere. The scheduling is flexible and there are snacks for everyone to enjoy as they work.

One of  my favorite experiences from this internship was getting to attend the all-woman event, Bizwomen Mentoring Monday by Albuquerque Business First at the Sandia Casino. Kristelle, the owner of Siarza SD, was a featured speaker among additional women of influence in the city. I wasn’t really sure what I was walking into that morning, but I walked out with more tidbits of wisdom from empowered, strong and accomplished women who are making things happen in this city. I got equipped with some more tools for my professional journey.

Like anything rewarding in life, there were also challenges that presented themselves. The team dealt with these things together in stride, always encouraging each other, staying focused on the best outcomes. No one planned on a world pandemic, but when the Corona Virus hit government mandates were made closing many businesses and forcing others into working remotely from home. Tech-savvy Siarza stayed on top of the game, quickly implementing changes to keep employees safe while taking care of their clients at the same time. 

Most of all, one of the greatest things about my experience with this company is that everyone treats each other like family here. It’s a little bit like being at home and whistling while you work. I never dreaded coming into the office, rather, I very much looked forward to it. 

What have I learned through this all? 

So much! I have gotten to learn in different ways throughout this experience, from different software, more communication skills, improving in graphic design, to in-depth analytics and more! 

The organization works with a variety of diverse clients. Through doing research for some I have seen my worldview evolve and have grown as a person through this position as my knowledge has expanded on different topics and groups of people that I did not know much about before. There were always uplifting reminders through client content that brightened my day, serving as reminders that there are still good things happening and something to look forward to in the world and right here in Albuquerque. 

Come ready and open to learn. 

Trust me – you want to apply for this internship and you definitely want to get the position. Use your application process as your opportunity to show what you can bring to the table and consciously be open to receive what you are about to learn. You will work hard, though I promise this will be an internship and experience you will never regret putting the effort into. I would encourage anyone I know to work with Siarza SD, as an intern, employee or client. 

Opportunity is around us all the time. Sometimes we shouldn’t always ‘wait’ for it to find us, but we should still take care to trust the universe does have your back even when you might think otherwise at times. Belief is a powerful thing. I firmly trust that you get to choose what your experience is going to be. If you are going to make a solid choice, then it might as well be to go with a reputable company like Siarza SD. I truly hope I get to work with this organization again in the future. 


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