Hello 2022!

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Hello 2022!

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 3 Jan 2022

Hello 2022! We are so excited to see what the new year has to bring us, what challenges we will face, what accomplishments we will make, but most of all, what trends we will see in 2022. I’ve gathered some of the team to help give us their individual insights on what they predict will be trending for the new year for social media, advertising, graphic design and videography. So without further ado, here’s the team’s best predictions for trends of 2022:


Marisa predicts what social media will look like in 2022:

“Video content was a huge part of perfecting the Instagram algorithm during 2021, and I think we’ll continue to see that into 2022 with Reels, stories, and IGTVs getting the most interaction from followers. Although Instagram has announced it may go back to chronological feeds, I’m sure their back end will still prioritize certain content. I think follower engagement and connections will also be a top priority for many brands as they try to keep followers engaged and interacting with the content being posted.”

Julia predicts what will happen with ads in 2022:

“Targeting, targeting, targeting! With all of the changes in user data and audience customization, it’s going to be more important than ever to know your audience and come prepared with your own data. User preferences and the amount of demographics being shared with the big name social platforms is becoming limited, so creating your own custom and lookalike audiences based on your historically active customers will be one of the best ways to attract new brand followers.”

“TikTok. No, I’m not channeling Ke$ha, I’m talking TikTok video ads. This platform blew up at the beginning of the pandemic and it’s not stopping. It used to be much more niche for young eyes, but the audience range is expanding to reach deep into sub cultures and super specific followings. If you can run the right creatives, CPM’s on TikTok will give you a much better return.”

Justin predicts videography trends in 2022:

“Online video content has only continued to grow over recent years and will go on growing through 2022. YouTube is only second to Google as the most popular search engine in the world and is reported across wide-ranging demographics to be used on a daily basis by the majority of the population. Video content and ads are always growing across various social media platforms and websites. User-generated video is blowing up with TikTok, Instagram Stories, and live streams; The latter saw increased use due to the pandemic. As phone and computer cameras continue to improve and people increasingly find themselves working remotely and communicating through video chat programs, we should see video filling up even more of our feeds than it already has.” 

Simon predicting creative and graphic design trends in 2022:

“I believe that 2022 will be the year of 3D-rendered artwork. It was already catching fire midway through 2021, and I think with the increased popularity, we’ll see some very iconic work come out this year. In terms of Graphic Design, I think we’ll see some end-of-2021 trends explode into popularity. Especially design trends like Cyberpunk inspired Anti-Design and Japanese Ukiyo-e flat design.”

Kristelle predicting public relations trends in 2022:

“Public relations practitioners will start to look like the communities they serve –  I anticipate a big movement of more PR professionals from various communities of color, professionally passionate about  equity, diversity and inclusion. Challenging other communication professionals to be on top of DEI will be a big shift in 2022.”


The trends of 2022 could be anything at this point. With video, social media, graphic design and more, the possibilities are endless! However, we could be onto something! Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year!

What are some of your predictions for the new year? Were they similar or different to ours?

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