Happy 7th Birthday, Siarza Social Digital!

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Happy 7th Birthday, Siarza Social Digital!

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 15 Nov 2021

It is hard to believe that our firm is turning SEVEN on November 17th! While there have been hurdles here and there, we are definitely not experiencing ‘the seven-year itch.’ In fact, we’d like to take a virtual walk down memory lane at the past seven years of Siarza Social Digital!

 Kristelle: “When I started the company seven years ago, I wanted the agency to be disruptive. Diversity became a differentiator and a game-changer for us because we saw a lack of diversity in the marketing and advertising industry despite having a diverse community in New Mexico. Innovation and Quality were always core values. It also became very clear in the first year that Community was a part of our success, and that was why it was introduced as a core value.”

In 2015, we threw a party to celebrate the first 365 days of Siarza! One whole year dedicated to innovating our clients’ reach. From that one year celebration to now, it’s no wonder the fun memories will last a lifetime!

While Kristelle started the company in 2014, Siarza was just built with the love and support of family, friends, clients, colleagues and team members! We are so thankful for everyone who gave Siarza Social Digital a chance seven years ago!

Kristelle: “I would give the same advice to an aspiring entrepreneur that somebody gave to me a long time ago: “you can do it with a little science and a little love.” Failure is inevitable at some point. But, if your only option is to succeed, you’ll be a great entrepreneur, because you will fight with everything you have.”

Throughout the 7 years, there have been so many awards, events, and smiles. To name a few, The Cumbre Awards is something we do every year and were proud sponsors of it this year. Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation’s Mudd Volleyball is always one for the books. Some more nonprofit events we always take part in are Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network and Polly’s Run. It’s these kinds of things that bring our team together to have some fun!

Photo credit: Albuquerque The Magazine

Kristelle: “When I think of SiarzaSD, I am most proud of the people first. The team members that have stayed and the team members who have gone on to bigger things. I’m really proud of our clients who have trusted us with their brand identities. I’m proud of our culture – the lighthearted times, the look and feel of the office that evokes our culture. Work hard, play hard. The core of Siarza is really the people. It’s the people that make it the agency.”



We would like to thank our family, friends and colleagues for their continued support over the years. We owe so much to you!

Lastly, we want the community to know that our organization has a ten-year plan, and we cannot wait to talk about it! Shh! The secret will reveal itself soon! Until then, we have a piñata to smash!

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