Encouraging Education in the Workplace

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Encouraging Education in the Workplace

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 27 Aug 2021

It’s back to school time! 


For many, August means sweltering temps and freshly sharpened pencils – and we are here for it! At Siarza, we recognize that we are never done learning and evolving. We choose to ride with the wave and encourage our team to continue education whether it’s a degree/certificate program, college course or one-time training session. Here’s how SiarzaSD continues to stay innovative in the advertising and marketing world by encouraging education at work:

University Connections

The Siarza team loves supporting their alma maters. Many of us graduated from the University of New Mexico! (Go Lobos!) We love partnering with the university to provide paid internships to marketing students, including Gentry, our social media intern!

Despite 2020 and 2021 being some of the hardest years in recent memory, our team persevered! The Siarza team would like to congratulate our Class of 2021 Graduates:

  • Rachel Carboni – University of Wisconsin-Madison – Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Gentry Haukebo – University of New Mexico – Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Minor in Spanish

Annual Innovation Goals

Every year, team members have an Innovation Goal to log at least 12 hours of training in skills related to their position and/or interests. Our account executives have used this time to keep current on social media platform features and best practices for content creation and advertising trends. One team member took part in a webinar about learning to accept your accomplishments and avoiding imposter syndrome. Our executive assistant just finished a course on procurement and our business manager is working towards a certification in QuickBooks. The creative team continues to heighten their editing software skills. 

Personal Goals and Milestones

While we often work as a team for digital and traditional marketing campaigns, branding, web design and visual production, the Siarza team values individual goals and milestones. To everyone on track, each team member periodically fills out a personal goal setting questionnaire. After 90 days at Siarza, we list our biggest accomplishments to date and what goals we hope to achieve in six months, one year and the next five years. By adopting this progressive philosophy from the beginning, our team is always working on what we can improve upon next!

How do you encourage employee growth?





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