Eight Years of Innovating

8 Years of Innovating

Eight Years of Innovating

By: siarza_admin
Date: 21 Nov 2022

In the beginning, our agency set out to provide leading-edge services and resources when it came to communications and marketing. We started with social media, website, and an integrated marketing platform. Over the last eight years, we’ve expanded to also master traditional advertising, photography and videography, and public relations. It’s been really exciting to see the journey of Siarza grow from just one to two employees out of FatPipe ABQ to where we are now, in our own unique 3,000-square-foot space that really helps people thrive while being fun and energetic. 

When it comes to content development and advertising, we’re one of the best in the Southwest. In addition to social media, we offer website design and development including app development. We offer integrated marketing, which includes video, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and email marketing. We also offer traditional advertising in terms of commercial work, placement of work, as well as radio advertising, and, most importantly, public relations. Traditional public relations has shifted, and we work to encompass the best practices into the new digital world of PR. We take pride in molding digital marketing and traditional public relations together and to deliver effective, dynamic campaigns. We listen. We prove the results. We stay creative, (even when it can be really difficult to be creative), and we hold ourselves accountable for the quality of the work that we do and the timing of the work that we do. 

I’m proud of how much the Siarza team has accomplished. It was, and continues to be, important to me to provide a really innovative opportunity for people to work at Siarza, championing the most talented people to create the hardest-working team in the southwest. Every person here is on the lookout for new ground to break, from the team member who writes the copy to our Director of Client Services. We never stop learning, growing and exploring ways to uplift the companies in this community. 

We genuinely form good relationships where our clients feel like extended members of the Siarza Social Digital family, and I think that has really set us apart over the years. Thank you for challenging us for the past eight years!

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