What My Dad’s Cat Can Teach You About Social Media

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What My Dad’s Cat Can Teach You About Social Media

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 26 Feb 2015

In this lighthearted post, Kristelle shares some social media community manager tips and a personal story about two things that bring joy to her life every day: Her dad and the cat.

My dad, Nick Siarza, taught me how to be a nerd.

He introduced me to a pac-bell computer at age 10, installed AOL with a 56k modem and started my first AOL screen name. Impressing me every day, he evolved his technical knowledge by learning mySQL, content management systems and even website server management.

One day, my dad asked me to lend him a hand and teach him the ways of a social media community manager. In order to demonstrate the abilities of Facebook admins, I asked my dad to start a Facebook page about something he loved.

This is how the “Boots the Cat” Facebook page was born.

Follow the Furry Friend on Facebook

Boots is a seven-year-old Russian Blue mix that has a life many of us envy. He sleeps all day, expects to be scratched and has an endless food bowl. This furry feline spends the day with my dad at home, surfing Facebook while watching Family Feud with the patriarch of the house.

My dad has developed quite a variety of content about the cat. The page has the cat’s own social voice and Boots has fast growing following. 

For example:

There’s a video of Boots opening his Christmas present (a Costco-sized box of cat treats).


Did you know Boots is Catholic?


The cat has a couple of memes…


… and the cat does surf Facebook with my dad. Boots does reply to his fans.


How You Can Learn From Boots

My family, friends and business colleagues always get a kick out of the stories I tell about Boots and my dad. Realizing how this page has showcased my dad’s storytelling skill, what better way to write a “how-to” blog post, influenced by this furry family member.

  • Develop a voice that fits you, even if it’s a voice of a cat
    • It would be really cool to see a cat talk, even with an invention of a talking collar. While that is still in development, we can settle for a voice through social media.
    • Many prospective clients ask, “How do I sound different from my competitors?” Establishing your voice online is the answer. Draft your social media content with colorful, emotional messages while using the right words and verbiage within your culture. If your team is a fun, quirky group of people, be sure your text evokes those connotations.
  • It’s boring to be serious all the time
    • Advertising and call-to-action messaging can be as dull as a lecture from a boring professor. Finding the inner wittiness is good; implementing few punch lines can keep your content and your brand engaging online.
    • If your organization is known for being professional, it’s alright to share content that has a unique or fun twist to it. For example, the famous Arby’s tweet about Pharrel Williams’ hat won the internet.
  • Never be afraid to embarrass yourself
    • My dad is never afraid to get a good laugh from someone at the expense of the cat.
    • Sometimes, brands need to have a good giggle and release themselves out of a comfort zone. A silly picture or goofy message helps individuals get to know their brand and develop a fun relationship and a virtual connection. Even a video that shows the poor dancing skills of a team can help a brand develop a connection with a target audience.

Follow Boots The Cat on Facebook

Officially managed by my dad (no, not Siarza Social Digital), don’t hesitate to follow Boots the Cat on Facebook. Though he has a strong opinion on foreign policy, religion and family issues, he’s still quite the cat to follow.

You can even email the cat at Boots@siarza.com.

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