Stories, Success & Stuff Episode 14: Check yo self before you wreck yo self

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Stories, Success & Stuff Episode 14: Check yo self before you wreck yo self

By: siarza_admin
Date: 2 Sep 2023

Ready to align your relationship with ego for success? Kristelle and Jace are here to strip back the layers, debunk the myths, and get real about the role ego plays in our professional lives. Join us as we delve into an unfiltered conversation that brings to light the subtle distinction between ego and confidence, and why society often gets it wrong.

As we navigate the entrepreneurial journey, we’re confronted with both success and failure. How much does our ego influence these experiences? Let’s dissect this complex relationship, examining how our ego can potentially become toxic when it causes us to drift away from our core values. Yet, on the flip side, a healthy ego can be our driving force – it’s about celebrating our victories and embracing our setbacks with grace. We’ll be sharing strategies on how you can confidently strut your stuff without stepping on others’ toes.

But, where does humility fit in all of this? Can it coexist with ego? We believe so! In fact, we’ll be discussing how a harmonious relationship between humility and ego is key to appreciating self-worth. More importantly, as business owners, how do we determine what we’re worth? How do we balance our own financial needs with the well-being of our employees? It’s a tricky area, but one we’re not shying away from. Join us for this candid conversation as we strive to foster healthy relationships with our egos while building strong communities for success.

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Hosted by Kristelle Siarza and Jace Downey
Executive Producer: Kristelle Siarza
Producer: Jace Downey
Videographer/Editor: Justin Otsuka

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