Social Media

Social Media has completely changed the world of marketing. Through social media, your business can engage their target audience with ease. It provides a great medium for creating brand awareness, building relationships and driving sales. Hiring a social media agency can help drive more traffic to your website which in turn will help your SEO efforts. All of these benefits are cheaper than traditional marketing!

So if you need a social media agency to jump-start your social media marketing, get in touch with us.

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Social Media Strategy

Siarza combines your existing goals with key messages and objectives to craft a plan of action for your organization. We include target audiences, both primary and secondary, to ensure your efforts are focused in the right direction. Our team delivers a customized road map in the form of tactics for how you should manage your social media.

Social Media Management and Monitoring

Our social media team creates content for the social media channels that best fit your brand. Siarza schedules them in a content calendar software that allows you to give feedback and approve posts before they are released. We monitor your social channels for messages, comments and reviews that need your attention.

Need to maintain your five-star ratings with Google Reviews and TripAdvisor? We help clients watch their customer ratings, too.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the best ways to target your audience. We can create and customize ads to reach people with specific interests. Our team presents you with a detailed campaign outlining our plan for success and every social media advertising client Siarza works with gets both a campaign and an analytics report.

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