Umbrella Week

Project Description

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  • Design 89% 89%
  • Development 95% 95%
  • Mobile 97% 97%


Umbrella Week was developed by 13 individual companies and organizers who realized that they each had events occurring near the same time. They decided to combine all of the events under one umbrella. The week-long affair that would showcase what Albuquerque has to offer in each industry and would embody the attitude of creativity and growth that Albuquerque is beginning to be known for


Umbrella Week originally included 15 events which spanned over nine days. It quickly grew to 18 events as late-comers were added. Marketing and promoting 18 seemingly unrelated events under a single name on several social media platforms was no easy feat. It was a challenge to balance page promotion and event promotion given the number of events. Through the Umbrella Week platforms and hashtag (#umbrellaweek), SiarzaSD’s goal was to reach 10-20K impressions.


SiarzaSD live posted and live tweeted from a majority of events. This helped connect with event attendees and reach potential attendees for future events, utilizing the Fear of Missing Out tactic where the audience of the posts feel left out of the activities they’re missing.

SiarzaSD maintained the fun, but professional, attitude of Umbrella Week through the rhetoric and tone of our posts. The events are fun and interesting, but a majority of the attendees are professionals in their industries and we wanted the social media campaigns to reflect that.

With a very simplistic logo and color scheme, we made it a priority to include the color pink and the pink umbrellas as often as possible in the social media promotion, as well as with tangible marketing materials.

SiarzaSD worked to create publicity through local news outlets on television with published online articles on various news station websites. Publicity was also generated through local media outlets like NewsCastic.


SiarzaSD’s goal with Umbrella Week was to reach 10-20K impressions. With the help of Hashtracking and Facebook Analytics, we know that Umbrella Week posts, pictures, and tweets made an estimated 490,000 number of impressions and reached more than 150,000 users over the length of the event and the preceding two weeks of social media promotion using the #UmbrellaWeek hashtag.

Because of Umbrella Week’s reach and subject matter, the event was able to connect playmakers from the art, tech, and culture industries which were covered. Umbrella Week also was able to advertise the other industries to people who might work or play in only one of them.