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Ronald McDonald House – Case Study

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SiarzaSD partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of New Mexico (RMHC-NM) to design an updated annual report that informs its donors, volunteers and stakeholders. This report’s core focus was storytelling: telling the important stories of the families that have been impacted by generous donors and volunteers. 

RMHC-NM had been severely impacted by COVID-19. Many families could not utilize the House’s services, and donors could not do tours of the existing and newly debuted second location of the House. Because of this, it was imperative to have a stunning report designed to showcase the stories of the volunteers, families and donors.

Research and planning:

After discussions with the RMHC-NM staff, SiarzaSD researched necessary components of the annual report that meet the fiduciary responsibility of the organization’s 501-c3 status, as well as the development needs of the organization. The team researched additional trends in design for communication and marketing purposes to help the organization deliver an annual report. We also searched through other RMHC chapters’ websites for annual reports, as well as studied the current RMHC national brand guide. SiarzaSD referenced research compiled by nonprofits who presented solid financial data and storytelling within their annual reports and made use of best practices and trends.

SiarzaSD assisted RMHC-NM in developing the proper storytelling elements, including a volunteer story, a family story and the new RMHC-NM location within the Springfield Suites – Marriott in Albuquerque, NM – a first of its kind location to partner with a corporate hotel and local hospital. We highlighted donors in the annual report to celebrate current donors and encourage other businesses and individuals to donate to the organization. Our creative team arranged the data and images in a bold, modern way to showcase RMHC-NM’s successes for the year in a positive light. Each section contained appropriate headlines in order to be easily identified in the Table of Contents.


  • Foster goodwill between the community, donors and board by disclosing important annual financial information about the organization’s spending and fundraising. 
  • Facilitate a connection between the staff, volunteers and family of RMHC and the public.
  • Generate awareness for RMHC-NM’s mission in New Mexico.

OBJECTIVE 1: Develop a thoughtful, comprehensive annual report for the printed version of the annual report, as well as a digital, downloadable report.

OBJECTIVE 2: Distribute the report as a form of fundraising and outreach during the pandemic.


  • OBJECTIVE 1 was met: SiarzaSD’s creative team was able to produce a twelve-page report that was printed and uploaded to the website. 
  • OBJECTIVE 2 was met: $15,370 in funds/donations was collected because of the mailing/outreach of the report. 800 copies of the annual report were printed.
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Santa Fe Navy Week 2020 – Video Production

The Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) and the US Navy’s Chief of Information (CHINFO) pick 15 cities in the US with a limited Navy presence (i.e. landlocked states) annually to host Navy Weeks, which are week-long events to increase awareness about the Naval service

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Bernalillo County DBHS – Social Media

Bernalillo County Department of Behavioral Health Services was facing difficulties in increasing their visibility and engagement rates on social media platforms, which were critical for spreading awareness about their programs and services. Siarza was hired to implement a robust social media strategy for DBHS.

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DADSS – Social Media

In an effort to reduce drunk driving fatalities, Siarza launched an ambitious social media campaign for Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS). The campaign targeted a broad spectrum of audiences, from Federal lawmakers and safety advocates to parents and millennials interested in the technology.

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Albuquerque Navy Week 2022

NAVCO wanted to enhance the visibility and impact of Albuquerque Navy Week (ANW) 2022, aiming to build stronger connections with local businesses, schools, and organizations, stimulate media coverage, and highlight the importance of the Navy in Albuquerque. Siarza developed a comprehensive strategy encompassing diverse marketing

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Bernalillo County DBHS – App

Siarza created a comprehensive mobile application designed to connect at-risk individuals with vital mental health resources for the Bernalillo County Department of Behavioral Health Services. Launched in 2022, the BernCo application serves as a testament to the power of effective research, planning, and implementation within

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NASWSI – Web Development

Siarza designed and developed a user-friendly, engaging website for the Native American Social Work Studies Institute. The process began with an in-depth research phase, where Siarza conducted keyword and SEO audits and a competitor analysis. To ensure that the website remains visible on search engines,

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DESRI – Press Conference

D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI), a leading developer and operator of renewable energy projects, was tasked with hosting a press conference announcing infrastructure improvements in New Mexico. The event was to be held in a remote location on an old power plant site, with

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Hotel Zazz – Social Media

Hotel Zazz, located in the Nob Hill neighborhood and along the historic Route 66, aimed to increase its visibility, educate audiences about its unique features and location, and boost engagement and bookings. Siarza employed various social media tactics, including focused messaging, creative use of hashtags,

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UNM Truman – Social Ads

In 2022, Siarza partnered with UNM Truman Health Services to promote inclusivity and dismantle stereotypes around the topic of HIV testing to the LGBTQIA community. UNM Truman Health Services’ mission is to enhance the well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS and raise awareness through educating

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