Nusenda Credit Union

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Working with a robust marketing department, SiarzaSD developed social media strategies, policies and protocols to introduce Facebook, Twitter and other social channels into the marketing mix. After meeting with financial consultants and tellers inside the credit union branches, SiarzaSD captured the voice of the organization through content and engagement.


As SiarzaSD was brought on to assist with Nusenda’s social media efforts, the organization had no employee policies, project workflows or strategies around social media outreach. In addition, Nusenda had federal security regulations they needed to follow related to the publishing of content. The SiarzaSD team built a thorough plan of action in the form of:

A charter outlining objectives/benefits, methodology, project scope, evaluation to determine which social platforms were appropriate, process impacts including potential risks and costs/benefits for proposed activities.

Social media strategy
Project Timeline
Research on appropriate tools Nusenda could use


Outreach to Nusenda’s existing audience/customers:  SiarzaSD created an aggressive advertising campaign utilizing Nusenda’s existing email database to perform outreach and promote their social media page

Propositioning channels as a customer service tool: Throughout the duration of the contract with Nusenda, the SiarzaSD team helped filter and direct customer questions, comments and concerns. The team also helped in the development of response protocols to ensure audiences were being replied to appropriately.

Reaching target audiences through age, location, interests and behaviors:  Ideally, Nusenda aimed to reach those individuals looking at the services they offer. SiarzaSD also took into consideration seasonal behaviors and worked closely with the marketing team to learn about their current campaigns and create seamless outreach through social media advertising.

Analytics to drive ongoing efforts: At the end of each month, SiarzaSD pulled analytics from each channel considering reach, impressions, engagement, following and more to explore what tactics were effective and how to shift activities moving forward. Reporting was shared with the Nusenda team so they were aware of how SiarzaSD’s efforts were effectively working to meet their goals and objectives.