International Technologies is a new technology investment company that enable scientists to show their work to possible investors. International Technologies provides business development consulting, new technology development, technology transfer, manufacturing set-up, technology patent assistance and project management in the United States, countries of the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe.

  • Design 89% 89%
  • Development 95% 95%
  • Mobile 97% 97%

The Process

Step 1: Website Assessment
The Website assessment involves evaluating the overall design and content of the website, performing an SEO audit and producing a keyword report. Some of the items included are the indexing and crawlability, on-page SEO, Images, Links, among others.

Step 2: Marketing Strategy
The team at Siarza Social Digital crafted a marketing & messaging strategy that fits well with the profile and industry of International Technologies. Some of the key messages highlighted for the marketing campaign for International Technologies are:

  • where new technologies and investors meet
  • International Technologies continues to be a catalyst for success, bringing together investors, scientists, government entities and private entities.
  • International Technologies brings the technologies of scientist members to the attention of investors around the world.


Step 3: Website Improvements
As a first step, Siarza Social Digital has implemented the following tasks to improve the search visibility of the website:

✔ Fix duplicate Title tags
✔ Fix Too Long Title tags
✔ Fix empty meta description
✔ Fix Too Long meta description

Items that are next on the the list are the following:

  • Fix www and non-www versions
  • Fix empty alt texts


Google Positioning


Results thus far:

From the ranking table, we can therefore conclude that:
✔ There is an average 24.22% increase among the keywords
✔ The biggest increase of 80% is keyword QC and safety of veterinary medicines which jumped from #5 to #1
✔ For keywords New Microbiological Technologies and Low Frequency EMF Detector, has jumped out from not in top 50 to 48 and 33 respectively.