Jubilee Los Lunas

Project Description

This is a summary of the things that Siarza Social Digital has made on Jubilee Los Lunas.

  • Design 89% 89%
  • Development 95% 95%
  • Mobile 97% 97%


Jubilee Los Lunas is an active adult community 20 miles south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jubilee offers single-family floor plans. They also offer new construction homes through developer Avalon. Their Choice Series features eight floor plans that are completely customizable to what the homeowner desires. The community also features a 11,000 square foot Villa with a gathering room, bar, exercise facility, game rooms, class rooms, dance studio and billiards room.

The community promotes ideals for an active lifestyle, luxury living and a sense of neighborhood.


As SiarzaSD was brought on to work with Jubilee Los Lunas, the company was focused on new builds and was planning to host a grand opening event for their new model complex. With no details except the dates of the event, SiarzaSD created an advertising campaign that would utilize social media to engage potential residents and raise awareness of the event.

The grand opening dates were June 14 and June 16, 2016. SiarzaSD began the campaign for this project at the end of April.


Testing of three separate advertisements:  SiarzaSD created an aggressive advertising campaign utilizing the visuals that were available to them and creating strong key messaging promoting the features, customization and affordability of Jubilee’s homes and the fun, energy and luxury amenities of the community.

The campaign utilized the different types of advertisements Facebook offers including a photo carousel, standalone photo and video slideshow.

Two were used to target out-of-state markets and the third was aimed at attracting New Mexico residents.

The advertisements ran for a one-week period and were then evaluated with analytics to determine additional money should be used towards further running of each ad.

Utilizing Instagram through Facebook advertising: At the start of this ad campaign, Jubilee did not yet have an Instagram account. However, as long as you choose an objective for your ad that supports Instagram, you can easily utilize this channel.

The objective for this campaign was to “Send people to your website” or “Clicks to Website. When using Instagram in addition to Facebook, the ad was optimized to get more clicks to Jubilee’s website at the lowest cost.

Geo-targeting by zipcode:  To decide how SiarzaSD would geo-target audiences out of state, the team first surveyed the client on common places some of their residents came from and whether they receive regular inquiries from certain areas.

Secondly, SiarzaSD looked at Jubilee’s key messaging and main draws. With New Mexico’s impeccable weather being a huge selling point, SiarzaSD identified states with less similar weather in which warm, mild temperatures would be highly desired, for example midwestern and northeastern states with harsh winters.

Once key states were chosen, the zipcodes of the five largest cities in each were used under Audience Location.

Reaching target audiences through age, interests and behaviors: Because Jubilee Los Lunas a community for retirees, age was easy to identify for these ad sets. However, SiarzaSD took a close look at what types of interests and behaviors would be important to include.

Ideally, Jubilee would like to reach those individuals who are currently looking at similar communities and preparing for retirement. SiarzaSD also took into consideration the interests that meet those of the lifestyle Jubilee Los Lunas promotes and common interests of individuals 50+ years old.

After considering these factors, the following were included under the Audience Demographics:

Health and Wellness
Retirement Planning
Retirement Home
Senior Life
Active adult housing
Retirement community
Senior Citizen
Retirement age
Enjoying Retirement
Early Retirement

Boosting of a Facebook event: In addition to the placed advertisements, SiarzaSD created and boosted a Facebook event on Jubilee Los Lunas’ Facebook page.

Using the same parameters listed above, the hope in reaching a larger audience was that Jubilee would see RSVPs to the event to help them to prepare for the grand opening dates.

Analytics to drive second run of ads: At the end of the initial one-week run, analytics including clicks to the website, reach and event responses were pulled and presented to the client in the form of a report. The report concluded with suggestions on additional advertising dollars for the remainder of the time leading up to the event.

Based on effectiveness of all four advertisements, additional money was used on all, smaller amounts for the ones that didn’t perform as well and more for the ones that did exceptionally well. In addition, zip codes from the states bordering New Mexico were added to the local ad to expand reach.

Ad reports were pulled weekly to monitor if any shifts should be made in the run of each ad.

Significant Increase of traffic to website: After just the first week run of social media advertisements, there was 699 clicks to Jubilee’s website directly fromt the ads. The ads began running in late April and Google analytics showed that there was a nearly 52 percent increase from traffic in March. And, in May, Jubilee saw an additional nine percent increase in traffic.

Improved social media presence: In May alone, Facebook analytics showed a whopping 389.62 percent increase in impressions, 411.03 in reach, 229.86 in engagement and a jump in following from 759 likes to 784 from April.
Under budget with high dollar results: SiarzaSD in total spent less than one third of the total digital ad budget Jubilee had set aside to promote the grand opening. Closely following numbers from ad reports and correspondence with client helped drive how much additional ad dollars needed to used and when the amount necessary to be successful had been met.
Big numbers backed by real-world results/Happy client: During SiarzaSD’s monthly meeting with Jubilee after the first week ad run and during the second run, the client reported they had sold five homes in the previous two weeks, an impressive feat even for a peak time for home sales. Phone inquiries had been extremely high and the only issue the client said he had in recent days was not having time to eat lunch since business had picked up.