Innovative Events Management Goddess Getaway 2019

Innovative Events Management Goddess Getaway 2019

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Our team is always up for a challenge. We easily adapt and have developed a knack for making first-time events or projects with very little collateral into something people can buy into.

So when our long-time client Innovative Events Management said they were making a shift from planning a yoga retreat for one of their clients to launching a passion project that they had been thinking about for years, we were totally on board!

We love being able to be part of projects from the idea stage. It helps us catch the vision of our clients and better understand their goals. It also gives us the opportunity to get creative, which is why Goddess Getaway has been one of our favorite projects to date! It allowed us to shine in multiple lines of services we offer including branding, website design, social media content development and advertising, public relations and event coverage and support.

The project:

We had exactly one year from the time the event would take place. Our client Anne had the gist of the event in place: a vacation for women to take time away from their day to day responsibilities and focus completely on themselves and practice self-care (mental and physical) in a beautiful location. Her vision also included bringing women who were experts in their field to lead the group in guided meditations, physical practice and inquiry sessions.

Challenge Accepted:

Our team got to work holding critical brainstorming sessions with the client and researching retreats and that offer the “vacation with a purpose” experience the IEM team was hoping to deliver.

In less than a month, the event had the bones of a website, branding, logo and name: Goddess Getaway.

Over the next six months, our team got to work finessing the website, creating a social media following and advertising for registration, supporting the logistics of launching a Goddess Getaway podcast and creating print collateral for business cards, postcards and more. Our account executives were fully entrenched in the conversation and the collaboration helped strengthen the quality of the content being produced.

Closer to the event our team started public relations initiatives to pitch interviews with the GG founders and garner attention around the event. Our client Anne was featured in national publications and caught the attention of influencers in the women’s wellness circle.

Challenge Accepted:

Not only did we have the privilege to work on the build of this amazing project, we were invited to join in the Getaway in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our Client Experience Manager Donyelle packed up our camera, yoga pants and swim suit and joined 25 women in a one-week adventure. Throughout the week, she helped with logistics and set up of the event, covered each inquiry and meditation and captured all the fun on outings and excursions. The event was brought to life on social media and plenty of collateral was collected to start promotion for their next Getaway in January 2020.

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