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FatPipe ABQ is a unique, Co-mmunity, Co-llaborate, Co-work space that brings start-ups, existing businesses and entrepreneurs together in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. It is a dynamic, state-of-the-art facility where tenants collaborate with like-minded professionals and engaged community leaders every day. As a result, their businesses thrive and real jobs are created.


With spacious accommodations in a desirable location, FatPipe is outfitted with furniture, multi-media equipment, IT infrastructure, and a 300 MB “fat pipe” to the Internet. They also offer mentoring opportunities and can help connect businesses to investors and potential partners with affordable rental prices. But, the goal was to differentiate FatPipe ABQ from other facilities in the Innovation Corridor and around the city. SiarzaSD was brought on to change the perception of FatPipe ABQ from “another co-working space” to a dynamic community that entrepreneurs need to be a part of, ultimately Increasing visibility of the location and the number of paying tenants.


Research was conducted using these avenues to shed light on the current situation at FatPipe and identifying areas of opportunity. A select group of tenants were survey on what was working well, what they liked and disliked about working at FatPipe ABQ and perception of the competition. Questionnaires were given to former FatPipe tenants for research on tenant retention and ways to improve tenant experience.

A messaging strategy was created to empower current tenants to share their experiences and help spread awareness of FatPipe ABQ. Messaging was also developed as part of the sales pitch for recruiting potential tenants.
Staff was trained on messaging. Steps to becoming a tenant were made more available through online channels. Tenants were updated on benefits and successes of their co-tenants.

A complete overhaul of the website including redevelopment of the site map and content as well mobile site development for SEO and page functionality was carried out. New functionality support features were put into place for convenience of tenants. In addition, a social media campaign, integrating public relations, was implemented showcasing current tenants and events to focus on the FatPipe experience and reiterate key messaging.
An email marketing plan was also developed which included a monthly newsletter debriefing the tenants on happenings and events.
New electronic and physical marketing materials for FatPipe were created, incorporating key messaging and tailored to target markets/audiences.

New messaging was used to re-launch FatPipe with New Mexico media (mainstream and business). Written guest columns from tenants were placed in local media.

A list of thought-leaders (by category), associations (as applicable to targeted markets) and policy makers and their contact information was developed to consider for soliciting.
Another list of conferences and associations for sponsorship opportunities was created for a long-term outreach plan.

Siarza SD developed and implemented a formal system for tracking prospects, leads and sales.

Using FatPipe’s upcoming one-year anniversary as an anchor for adoption of new messaging, materials and tactics, a launch party was held showcasing each of these.


Consistent use of “Co-mmunity, Co-llaborate, Co-work” messaging in targeted media outreach allowed Fatpipe ABQ’s message to organically reach more than 300,000 media consumers during June and July 2015, increasing, at minimal cost, Fatpipe ABQ’s brand awareness in the Albuquerque metro area.  

The one-year anniversary party had more than 200 people in attendance and created 36 potential tenant leads.

The social media outreach lengthened the reach of the FatPipe ABQ’s social media channels, and the overall social media, website and event management outreach generated thousands of impressions for FatPipe ABQ.

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