ABQHCH 2021 Case Study

Research and Planning:

SiarzaSD worked with ABQHCH to develop effective ways to execute content for a successful campaign. With the clients, we were able to develop goals, objectives, key messaging, target audiences and secondary research for ABQHCH. We presented our research findings and implemented new strategies and recommendations for the direction of the campaign.


● Generate awareness: Connect with audiences in a meaningful way and broaden reach
● Engagement: Motivate the target audience to take action by liking and following the organization, donating, attending events, volunteering and advocating for solutions to the core issues that contribute to homelessness
● Educate the audience: Show who they are, what they do, how they help, and the programs they offer
● Storytelling: Come up with innovative ways to reach audiences and support communities through digital outreach
● Reporting: analyze social media and advertising data that show impressions, reach, engagement and following


ABQHCH is a current client and over the past year, our team has been able to show results that are in line and above the goals set during the planning phase.

In 2020, ABQHCH raised 151 percent of their annual goal without having any in-person fundraising events.

For Facebook, daily total impressions averaged 223,269 per month, daily total reach averaged 139,885 per month and daily total engagement averaged 12,327 per month. Both Facebook and Instagram saw a 6 to 8 percent increase in followers while Twitter generated a total engagement
of 83,135 per month.