Showcasing the scrappy startups, entrepreneurs and innovators from the Albuquerque area’s emerging ecosystem

  • Design 89% 89%
  • Development 95% 95%
  • Mobile 97% 97%


To raise awareness about Albuquerque’s growing startup community, local organizers hired SiarzaSD to develop content and social media awareness. the content and distribution strategy reached over 483,000 users on Twitter,Instagram, Newscastic and Facebook.

Take a look at the fun through the hashtag #ABQ2SXSW

We need to add how the SXSW cohort had won several accolades in 2016 which raised the visibility of the entrepreneur ecosystem in Albuquerque. Highlights should include working with the mayor’s team, getting the iconic pic of Mayor Berry and Mayor Johnson, Startup of the Year and ABQid — we generated the coverage

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