New Website, Who Dis?

The importance of updating website features and branding

Apr 2022

New Website, Who Dis?

The importance of updating website features and branding

By: siarza_admin


By Simon Gutierrez, Creative Lead

If you’re reading this right now, let this post be the first welcome to the refreshed! As a team, we’ve taken a long hard look at what has changed since the creation of our original agency website was created. A lot has changed since 2014 so that meant a new website was in order to better reflect our growth. 

Elements that look dated

If you’re into the latest trends, that’s great! Let’s just make sure that your current tastes can stand the test of time by reflecting who you are while showing that you are up to date with branding and web design. There’s a few functions that were great in say 2014, but don’t exactly look modern, so check out our handy checklist of website elements that should be updated to keep your brand from looking dated.

  • Poor legibility of typography or an overall poor typography choice
  • Lack of Responsive web pages 
  • Non mobile responsive web pages
  • Too many pages- a user should be able to navigate your website in the least amount of clicks possible. 

Brand lifecycle

During a brand lifecycle, the brand should always be consistent but still subtly changing and evolving. The brand is usually ready for bigger changes or overhauls, when the typefaces and medium of advertising changes. A great example of this is when the world went fully digital in 2020. A lot of brands weren’t ready for that switch and needed that brand rework with digital responsive design. Social status quos can also change branding direction, similar to Aunt Jemima’s rework to Pearl Milling Company.

Simple single color elements will always stand clear and tall over chasing trends. Clean and proven typography will also be a big factor in how timeless your brand will be.

Two big mainstay design trends right now are responsive design and minimalism. Minimalism iconography/logo design has resurfaced from the 1950s-19890s into modern design due to the demand of responsive design. These older designs are easier for brands and designers to implement not only on print media but also digital media across all mediums. From digital billboards to phone app icons, in a true fashion sense, what is old is new again. 

If you’re ready for a revamp, our team has you covered. From onboarding to going live, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your brand’s reputation is upheld and your website will bring in the new customers you want. Reach out to our team to learn more!

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