Why Reputation Management is Important in 2019

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Why Reputation Management is Important in 2019

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 8 Mar 2019

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Big reputation, big reputation, oooooo you and me got some big reputations ahhhh

Taylor Swift gets just how much of an impact a good (or bad) reputation can be. For a business, however, online reputations can make or break sales and customer retention. At SiarzaSD, our team monitors reviews and what your customers are saying about you. This way you can make critical changes and we can make sure to put your best foot forward online. Reputation management is essential and here is why.

Why is Reputation Management important?

In today’s age, if you are not taking advantage of SEO, you are late to the party. When somebody does a simple search for your services, your website may not be the first item on the list (or even second, third… sixth). Your Facebook, Instagram, or even Yelp profile might be one of the first things someone would click on before your actual website! What if their first impression is poor reviews? They will choose somebody else. It is that simple. By maintaining your reputation online, you create more impressions of your brand.

In the end, reputation management keeps your brand competitive with the thousands of others just like you online. You can do your brand the most justice online by showing you care about what people say about you and doing your best to resolve discrepancies.


What to Look For

Pay attention to niche review sites

Ratings on multiple platforms play a key role in a customer’s decision making process. While Google and Facebook provide solid rating systems for most industries, it is important to also consider your industry specific sites.

For example, a small cafe might have ok reviews on Facebook, but other sites might say otherwise. In this case Yelp, Zomato, or TripAdvisor might be influencing customers more.

Plumbers or contractors would need to keep an eye on Angie’s list, crafters on Etsy reviews, and Universities on CollegeTimes or RateMyProfessor. Every industry has a different niche review site (or multiple) that help show their customers the full picture of their offerings.

Take Note of Web Traffic

One major source of traffic to your company’s website could be coming from outside review sources. If your ratings on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. start to fall, so could visits to your site. On the other hand, higher reviews tend to drive customers to want more information. They want to engage with your online brand more. This could lead to higher sales all thanks to positive brand reputation.

Different Sites Have Different Features

Did you know you can post on Google similar to the same way you can on Facebook? You can post on specials, events and new product releases through postings that live in your listing for a short period of time.

Users can also suggest changes and remark on specific aspects- tagging, responsiveness, and recommendations. Facebook has even more pull because of users recommending a company (or not) and this will show to all of their friends, giving a single review more impact and reach.

Influx of Good vs. Bad Reviews

Noticing a ratio of more bad to good reviews could mean you need to change some customer service practices at your company. On the other hand, a handful of bad reviews in a sea of stellar reviews is nothing to sweat over (every business gets them), but all should be addressed on a customer to customer basis as they come in. Here are some tips to do just that!

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How You Should Respond

Reply to Every Review

Whether it’s good, bad or just ok, your customer still took the time to tell you and others their thoughts on you! It is important to acknowledge their effort and to show that they have been heard.

Have a game plan for a wide range of reviews and stick to it. By only responding to negative reviews, you will show everyone your priority is cleanup after an issue. But, if you only respond to positive reviews, you’ll leave you customers who show you where you need to improve feeling like they have not been heard. Moral of the story: answer all your reviews.

Be Timely About It!

We’re not suggesting you need to respond immediately, but at the same time do not let comments and reviews sit unanswered for more than a few days. Your customer, whether happy or mad, needs to know they were heard. Even if that response is just a sweet “thanks, we appreciate you too!”.

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What Not To Do

When it comes to what not to do we can thank Netflix and Hulu with their new specials on the infamous Fyre Festival for showing the perfect example of what to not.

We have listed some major DO NOT DO (EVER) items when it comes to rescuing your online brand reputation:

  • Delete negative reviews
  • Turn off comments
  • Belittle or argue rudely with commenter
  • Lie! Creating false positive reviews to push down negative reviews is not ethical and leaves your customers wondering who to trust.

Instead, stay transparent and be honest! A tip we practice regularly is make an effort to take a conversation with an unsatisfied customer offline. Offer them a staff email, or even better, direct phone number to talk through the issue with the customer. This does a few things:

  1. The conversation is less likely to turn into an online argument (more than three correspondances  will appear as an argument to other users.
  2. It allows you the opportunity to make it up to the customer (next one is on us, discount on next visit) without setting the precedent among all users.
  3. Showing concern and consideration for all your reviewers is a good look on your company to all users visiting your pages.

How We Can Help

Here at SiarzaSD, we use state-of-the-art software to monitor client mentions across all kinds of media channels, including all social media platforms. We can see nearly instantaneously what people are saying about you and post responses efficiently. We can then compile those mentions  and use them to better market for the client.

Also, we know how to handle tricky situations. When something comes up, we’re immediately ready to respond. We have experience interacting with dissatisfied customers and guests and meeting their needs as quickly as possible. We also understand the impact a crisis can have on your organization,  and are able to adapt your strategy to ensure you remain successful in the coming weeks, months, and years


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