Our Top Picks for ABQ The Magazine’s Best of the City 2021


Our Top Picks for ABQ The Magazine’s Best of the City 2021

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 11 Jun 2021


It’s that time again to vote for ABQ The Magazine’s Best of The City! Although this past year has been a little different, there are so many amazing businesses in Albuquerque to choose from!

Voting ends August 1st so hurry and submit your favorite for each category here! We’re always proud to support previous and current clients, so here’s our top picks for Best of The City 2021:


Best Local Brewery | Thirsty Eye Brewing Company

Thirsty Eye is our top Brewery pick due to their incredible selection of craft and beers on tap. From ciders to ales, they’ve got your thirsty needs covered in Albuquerque.


Best Brewery Food | The Kitchen at Palmers

We have our drinks, now how about some food? The Kitchen at Palmers is our pick for Best Brewery Food. Not only do they have a glorious menu full of burgers, tacos and desserts, but it’s all handcrafted to compliment your favorite drink. Talk about a great combo!


Best Milkshake | 66 Diner

Earning their way back into our top picks once again is 66 Diner. There’s no doubt from the team that they have amazing milkshakes! On a hot summer day like today, this is when 66 Diner’s shakes become our best friend.


Best Ice cream | Cold Stone 

Moving onto more ice cream topics and choices, we HAD to include Cold Stone as our #1 choice for Best Ice Cream. If it isn’t for their insanely delicious ice cream flavors, or variety of toppings, the ‘Like It’, ‘Love It’, or ‘Gotta Have It’ sizes forever live in our hearts (and stomachs).


Best Hair Salon and Best Nail Salon | Nuvé

Looking to freshen up your hair and nails? Well, look no further because Nuvé can do it all. Balayage, highlights, extensions, blue, rainbow, or neon hair… they’ve got you covered. To make your nails the star of the show, we recommend bringing your own nail inspiration when you go in and they’ll make your nail art dreams come true!


Best Event Planner | Polly’s Run

We all know events this year were challenging – most were completely virtual and others were totally canceled. Every year, Polly’s Run organizes a 5k to help fight pancreatic cancer and drive support and donations to UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. This year, they were able to push through the challenges and host a successful virtual run event.


Best Local to Have Lunch With | Charles Ashley, President and Chair of One Albuquerque Fund

If we had to decide who would be the best person to have lunch with in Albuquerque, it’s Charles Ashley, President of One Albuquerque Fund. Some of the issues that Charles tackles are housing, workforce and public service support, youth programs and community involvement. He’s an absolute visionary, and if you want to surround yourself with people who truly care about the city and work towards their dreams, Charles is that person! Talk about a fun, productive lunch!


Best Dry Cleaner | The Cleanery

Uh oh! Is that a stain on your suit?! For all your dry cleaning needs, you can trust The Cleanery to do their magic. They are New Mexico’s only certified couture level dry cleaner, so you know they can handle those delicates!


Best Dispensary | Everest Apothecary

Nominated by the team once again, Everest Apothecary upholds their integrity in the medical cannabis industry. They provide their patients with the highest quality products, and it all starts from the ground up. Everest Apothecary makes sure to use all natural soil that is free of harmful pesticides and contaminants.


Best Local Instagram and Twitter Account | Siarza Social Digital

*Insert selfish plug here* We know what you’re thinking… but we can explain! Our social media pages are what showcase Siarza Social Digital at our finest (and craziest) moments. Follow our socials! @SiarzaSD

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