Make the most of the summer slowdown

Make the most of the summer slowdown

Make the most of the summer slowdown

By: siarza_admin
Date: 21 Jul 2023

With the summer heat comes the summer slowdown and with it a unique opportunity for businesses to reset and recharge. Whether you’re looking to bring in more sales during this time or just hone your craft, our Creative Team has put together marketing tips for what you can do to make the most out of the quieter months.

inventory and ignite

For starters, use the extra time to go through your inventory and create promotions that will entice customers to help you clear out your excess merchandise to prepare for new products in the fall. This is also a great time to ignite excitement in current and potential customers about the new products/services you plan to roll out with the rest of the year!
– Alejandro Pineda, Content Creator

review and refresh

With fewer people engaging during these times, take advantage of this slower pace by conducting bi-annual reviews of progress and numbers so that you can better keep track of your progress and see what needs to be worked on. The slower pace should also allow for more brainstorming sessions with the team. Take this time to come up with new ideas, get outside perspectives, and find ways to improve. You can even use this extra time to learn a new skill in your field that you can then apply when work picks back up.
This could give you an edge over the competition once business is booming again! Summertime is also great for planning events or gathering clients into one place. Host family-friendly activities such as barbecues or carnivals which offer something appealing for everyone – not just customers but fellow employees too! Taking these opportunities to create a sense of community around your brand can give people a better idea of what your company stands for and create long-term relationships.
– Julia Starkey, Junior Account Executive

plan and pivot

The slower summer months also offer the perfect time to plan ahead for when fall rolls around again. Take this opportunity to get a head start on content planning for the end of the year, holidays, and other special promotions. This way, you’ll be able to hit the ground running once September lands and have plenty of material ready in advance. Evaluate your audience as well – look back at what content has had great performed over the past year and which posts didn’t do so hot. Consider why certain pieces resonated more with people than others, then use that information to replicate successful styles in future posts. Refresh your accounts too – look over your bios,, story highlights, and other relevant information to ensure it is all up-to-date.
– Marisa Graham, Client Services Manager

evaluate and experiment

Take this time to really evaluate your brand persona, tone of voice, and the content formats you are currently using. Adjusting these elements can help make sure that you’re delivering the best possible experience for your ideal customers while still staying true to who you are as a company. Try out some new formats or techniques in terms of how you deliver content that could be more interesting or engaging than what you did before.
– Alina Hernandez, Junior Account Executive

create and connect

The summer months don’t have to only be slow and boring – they offer plenty of opportunities for businesses to grow and excel! Take this time to really focus on team-building, creating workshops for your team, and doing the things that you’ve been too busy to experiment with. With these tips in mind, you can make the most out of the summer months and be fully prepared for when business picks back up.
– Sofia Gomez-Legarreta, Social Media Intern

As the summer months come and go, make sure to take advantage of the slower pace and use it to your advantage. Investing in yourself, employees, online presence and customers during this time will help your business reach new heights when business picks back up again. From marketing efforts to team-building activities, there are countless ways that you can make the most out of these quieter months and be ready for anything that comes your way. So take the time to prepare and come out of this summer season stronger than ever before!

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