Best Events of 2017


Best Events of 2017

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 23 Dec 2017


It’s been a busy year for us at SiarzaSD! Not only did we stay busy taking care of our year round clients, but we took on some pretty big events and realigned our agency as a team that are experts at entertainment.

We had a great time working with all of our clients, but wanted to take a moment and look back on the top six events that we had the privilege to take on in 2017.


Man & Woman

of the Year





Our CEO, Kristelle Siarza, participated in the 2017 Man & Woman of the Year campaign. This is a 10-week campaign that involves raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For this campaign, Kristelle and the team at SiarzaSD utilized social media to spread the word about helping the fight of researching blood cancers.




Food Show




Our team began our work on the Fiery Food Show in January 2017, utilizing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter for marketing purposes. The team created and executed a social media strategy that increased engagement on the social media channels, increased awareness and provided coverage for the day of. We introduced new types of integrated content, as well as created Facebook ad campaigns to reach our current audience as well as potential FFS attendees.


NAIOP Awards

of Excellence





At the end of every year, NAIOP holds its annual Awards of Excellence ceremony. As they are year round clients, we were responsible for marketing the luncheon prior to the event and providing day-of coverage. Before the event we created a Facebook event page to help get the word out and we created content to drive ticket sales. On the day of the awards we took photos and videos of the attendees, coordinators and award winners. We were also responsible for posting the award winners as they were being announced, with the graphics that we created to go with the theme of the event.


#3 Mudd








Our team got the opportunity to get a little dirty in June at the 2017 CTHF Mudd Volleyball Tournament. We began our marketing work with CTHF in December 2016 and through their social media accounts we were able to build hype around the event and get out some of the necessary information. We created a Facebook group for the team captains to share information with them and for them to share info among each other. In addition to using preexisting social media accounts, we introduced a new channel, Snapchat. We created a Snapchat account for coverage of the events, as well as a geofilter for attendees to use when they were posting from their personal accounts. In order to push the logo and the hashtag for the event, we had signs created for attendees to take pictures with.


#2 2017

Buddy Walk






Our work with RGDSN always warms our hearts because the kids are just so cute. The 2017 Buddy Walk was a highlight of our year because not only were we providing our services on the marketing end, but our Social Media Account Executive, Donyelle was the chair of the whole event. We utilized social media and email marketing to increase registration and sponsorship and to tell the story of the some of kids participating in the walk. This was also one of the rare projects that allowed us to use our traditional marketing skills when we wrote press releases to encourage attendance for the event and to drive sales for the special Buddy Walk beer that was created by Dialogue Brewing, in support of the walk.  



SOMOS Albuquerque






Anyone who attended the inaugural SOMOS Albuquerque has some idea of why this is our number one event of 2017. In a few short months we told the story of SOMOS ABQ and drove ticket sales. We created graphics and content without any prior imagery or footage from previous events, as this was the very first SOMOS event. We built a following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for the purpose of sharing the story, building awareness of the event and sharing important information leading up to the day of. We also did this through email and text marketing. Our team provided day of coverage of the five blocks of food, art, music and the entire experience by posting live content to all of the social media channels. We also used the text and email marketing for crisis management and emergency messaging. In addition to our digital marketing services, we also used traditional marketing, organizing a press conference before the event and press releases for the local and national media that were expected to be in attendance.


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