5 Ways for Law Firms to Amp Up Video Content

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5 Ways for Law Firms to Amp Up Video Content

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 20 Oct 2021

Contributors: Justin Otsuka, Simon Gutierrez & Amy Vitale


We all know that lawyers have excellent job security, but that doesn’t mean that firms should cut corners on marketing. Clients want to see you before they hire you. Here are five tips to maximize your reach through video content.


Find the Right Tone

It never hurts to approach your audience from a personal angle. Give your viewers a sense of who you are as a person, where you come from, and why you’re passionate about your work. We have all seen the loud and flashy lawyer ads with attorneys pointing at the camera, holding their fists up like a boxer, or shouting catchphrases through the screen. It can be refreshing and more resonant to bring in a personal tone and connect with your potential clients on a human level. Tell them your story and let them know why you care about helping them.


Location, Location, Location

Green screen is not always your friend! Green screens can be common in local advertising, but it is often difficult to pull off. Audiences are more attuned to visual effects than ever and can sniff out a fake background after just the first few frames of a shot. It may sound exciting and practical to shoot in a studio in front of a green screen, but nothing beats seeing a real person in a real environment. A well-exposed, well-framed shot of you in front of the courthouse, your office, or in the city will up your production value and show your connection to the community and your profession.


Don’t Use a Camcorder

While you don’t necessarily need 4K cinema-quality footage, it will greatly benefit you to shoot with a quality camera, proper lighting and a shallower depth-of-field. Basic technique will go a long way in visual execution. Failure to do so can result in an outdated-looking style. Position your camera at eye level or lower to evoke either a relatable or powerful feel. Consider using a slider or dolly to add movement to your shots and keep the visuals dynamic.


Unmute Yourself

Audio is the unsung hero of film and video work, but it can make or break your project and diminish the perceived quality of your spot even more than the visual elements. Do not skimp on your audio recording equipment and do your best to record with both a boom microphone and lavalier mic. Keep your music selection distinctive but not distracting, and stay conscious of cliché sound effects like car crashing sounds, gavel bangs, or cash “ka-chings.”


Play to Your Audience

While you want to sell yourself and your services, the greatest power of video marketing is its ability to combine visual and aural elements that draw a viewer in and make them connect with the subjects on-screen. Consider showing b-roll of people within your target demographics, shots of yourself consulting with clients, or testimonial clips from people you have helped in the past. The more that people can envision themselves working alongside you, the more likely they are to do so.

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