Social Media Day 2020

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Social Media Day 2020

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 30 Jun 2020

Be the positive impact. Create lasting change.

2020 will go down as a year of change and growth. We have seen the power of social media tear people apart and bring them back together in a way we never imagined, impacting the future in an unprecedented way.

That is why this year, for Social Media Day, we are choosing to celebrate the positive side of social media by showing support for those most impacted by recent events.

Let’s show the world what social and digital media can accomplish by building each other up, helping businesses, and being a positive outlet for necessary change.

We have put together a list of community partners that could use your love. Join us in supporting local economic development organizations and non-profit groups helping small business owners and communities of color.

Non profit organizations, foundations and groups helping small businesses and communities of color impacted:




African American Chamber





New Mexico Community Capital








Native Women Lead






Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce










CNM Foundation 













Albuquerque Forward Fund






Albuquerque Community Foundation


If you have a non-profit organization or a group supporting communities of color you would like to include, please reach out to us. 





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