SiarzaSD Does That Too?!


SiarzaSD Does That Too?!

Four services our team performs like rockstars.

Digital marketing is such a big world of services that it’s hard to remember every area that our team works in on a daily basis. Social media management? Check. Event coverage (when applicable)? Check. Social media advertising and promotion? Check and check.

We could go on and on, but let’s have more fun. Let’s peruse the lesser-known services our team not only carries out, but looks like total rockstars while doing!

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

When you search for your services on Google, do your competitors come up in one of those first four links? They probably want it that way, with their fine-tuned Pay-per-click campaign. You can stay competitive and drive people to your website based on selective keywords, ad copy and audience selection–that our team can create for you. 

Our PPC campaigns start with discussing your goals and what you want to promote. We then develop a strategy that fits your budget and optimizes the results for more clicks and traffic. PPC is a process that only gets better over time, with our keyword selection analysis and placement for every campaign.

Blogging and Content Development

The word blog sounds so 2008, when the Upper East-enders were checking the Gossip Girl page for the latest dish. In 2020, blogs can do so much more for your brand and SEO rankings than you think. Blogs are a flexible piece of content that helps drive traffic, update your audience, and more.

Blogs aren’t just personal updates anymore. They can be many things: news updates, recent mentions from the press, event updates, monthly specials and promotions you want to announce, or even just service announcements in similarly volatile times.

Our team creates content that matches your brand’s voice and your goals. We optimize posts with keywords to get your readers’ attention and attract traffic to the most important parts of your website.

 Mobile App Marketing

Raise your hand if you have ever downloaded an app that you saw on Instagram or heard about on Spotify. (No, we aren’t shaming you… We would never do that… *quietly closes Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and Panda Pop*)

That just means the app marketing worked and they got you to download based on your interests, demographics, or even phone usage. Apps are so much more now than just games, too. Look at all the companies rolling out apps for food delivery, laundry services, membership or loyalty programs, or even promoting bigger campaigns for people to get involved in. If your business has an app, then we have the expertise to get you more downloads from people who will get the most value out of it.

Influencer Marketing

When you think “influencer”, what comes to mind? A beautiful Instagram model, 120k followers in tow, promoting her latest diet fad? That’s definitely one kind, but we think the mommy blogger with a following of 10,000 genuine people or the street artist with thousands of commented retweets would drive much better results for you. Depending on your brand message, of course.

We curate and select only the influencers we know will have the best brand affiliation by matching their followers’ general interests to your key messaging. Leave the negotiating and content direction to us, and you’ll soon have your industry’s ambassadors loyal to you, with their followers in tow.

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