Siarza Social Digital Acquires Content Viking

Acquisition Announcement

Siarza Social Digital Acquires Content Viking

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 2 Dec 2019

Five years ago, Siarza Social Digital was founded with the goal of disrupting the agency industry with innovative approaches in web, integrated marketing, and social media. Since then, our team has grown internationally along with a distinguished list of clients who trust us to tell their brand’s story year after year. With every success, our team has stayed humble, upholding our core values of quality, community, innovation and diversity by giving back and building up those who have helped us along the way.

This year, with several Best of Show Cumbre awards under our belt, our team is on the move acquiring larger accounts and reaching higher results than ever before. That’s why we are excited to announce our acquisition of Content Viking.

Founded in 2014, Content Viking is a content writing agency based in Germany. They specialize in written content creation, specifically writing blog posts, to help companies boost their online presence. With clients in a variety of industries, Content Viking has developed successful strategies that not only produce content that is of high quality, but which also gets read by the right audience. Founder Geoff Walters is no stranger to owning a business. He has previously started four other businesses, each of which was a valuable lesson in its own right. This shows his ‘viking’ spirit: always pushing on with courage and perseverance. He is leaving Content Viking to pursue the dream of teaching young adults universal life skills such as communication, nutrition and personal finance.

Both SiarzaSD and Content Viking are grateful for this opportunity to grow and take on a new chapter. The whole team at SiarzaSD wants to wish Geoff the best with his new venture and expresses our gratitude for giving us the opportunity to further grow and extend our storytelling skills with your agency.

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