Making Your Content Multifunctional

Making Your Content Multifunctional

Making Your Content Multifunctional

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 20 Apr 2021

Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, and a website, consumers demand a consistent and interesting variety of content. The great thing about this is that it allows us to be creative with the way we tell stories across all platforms. The not-so-great thing about this is that it can be time consuming and challenging to perfect. That is why we want to give you some tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way. By tapping into the full potential of multifunctional content, you can improve your storytelling skills across all platforms. 


Podcasts have been growing rapidly in popularity over the past few years, and the number of podcast listeners is expected to grow exponentially. One great thing about podcasts is that they are versatile. When you record podcast audio, set up a camera to record the visuals so you can  shoot video for YouTube and the podcast in one take. You can also have a page on your website that links to your podcast. Take it a step further and create blog posts that include a summary of each podcast. Then, once your podcast is released, you can promote it via social media by linking it in posts and stories announcing the new episode!


Blogs are a great way to share information with readers, improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and drive traffic to your website. When we post a blog on our website, like our recent blog Redefining Event Experiences in 2021 with Dean Strober

we also cross-promote it through social media posts on relevant platforms. For instance, you can insert a link to your blog on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. While links don’t work in Instagram captions, you can create a post or story with a relevant photo or graphic to promote the blog.You can even link the blog in your bio or use Linktree.


Videos can enhance your website’s About section or beef up your website’s portfolio content: they are fantastic because regardless of the initial purpose of a video, it can be easily shared across platforms. Videos often receive higher impressions and engagement compared to other types of content. Creating videos is also the only way to curate content on certain platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. With an easy edit, you can adapt a video to other platforms – sometimes in shorter segments, different aspect ratios, or file sizes. When shooting and editing a video that will be used on multiple platforms, keep in mind that apps like Snapchat and TikTok use a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio, while Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow for a widescreen 16:9 format. With some editing, a widescreen video can still be used for vertical placement. The videos below contain the same Siarza Social Digital commercial but were edited to fit different aspect ratios: 

Graphics and Photos

If you’re using a graphic or photo for print advertisements, why not use them for other posts?! For instance, high quality graphics and photos are particularly good for Instagram when creating a clean and professional Instagram grid. A best practice for social media is to establish and maintain an on-brand aesthetic for your graphics and imagery in terms of color palette, contrast, saturation levels, and composition both within and across platforms. These graphics and photos can be used for posts on other platforms as well, with some minor changes like the size of the graphic or photo for different platform requirements. When posting these graphics, you also might have to change up the caption a little bit to better appeal to each platform’s respective audience, meet character limits, and add hashtags or links on appropriate platforms. Photos and graphics are also great ways to make your website grab people’s attention: utilize them in banners on social media. Banners can be changed occasionally to highlight relevant hashtags, holidays or to cross-promote billboard materials. Below, you can see one of our billboards which was also adapted for a Facebook banner.

Hopefully these ideas can help you start on the right foot towards creating multifunctional content! If you’re looking for further assistance with your social media and marketing content, we can help. How do you modify content between platforms?

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