How to Deploy an Influencer Marketing Campaign

How to Deploy an Influencer Marketing Campaign

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 27 Aug 2019

Hey google, what is a : Youtube influencer, instagram influencer, beauty influencer, mom influencer, gaming influencer….

Influencer is a social media term that you hear a lot every day. At SiarzaSD we know ‘influencer’ is not just an overused buzzword. It’s a highly effective method to use in any social marketing campaign.

Our team answered some of the most commonly googled questions about influencer marketing campaigns:

Hey Google, what is an influencer?

An influencer, whether it’s a good thing or not, has the power to impact their fan’s purchase decisions by what they promote on their social media outlets. We have seen examples of this on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and more!

An influencer becomes a significant part of your brand’s campaign when their voice is impacting how your audience views your product or services. Some marketers classify influencers as a person with a big following with huge engagement numbers, but that doesn’t mean the person’s influence can resonate with all brands.

Hey Google, what kind of influencers is best for my business?

When you are looking for an influencer to connect with your brand, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Expertise & Specialty. Evaluate the message and see if it’s appropriate for a specific influencer to broadcast. For example, you would not want Youtuber Jake Paul to try and promote your skin care products for older women, right?
  • Reach & Engagement: Know what social media channels your audience are most active on and find an influencer already reaching your target markets.
  • Likes & Interests: Research and identify potential influencers who have similar interests as your customers. This would be a great time to build your customer personas and find people who fit that mold.
  • Celebrity Appeal: Is the influencer you’re considering well liked? Or are they a person everyone just loves to hate on? Try and identify an influencer of mass appeal or one that is well liked in your niche area so that your campaign is more likely to be positively received.

Hey Google, what’s the difference between content, advertising, and influencer techniques?

Content marketing is just that; original content used to showcase your brand, your services, and your products. With content marketing, your brand has the most control over the overall tone and message of your campaign. This approach lets you put your message in front of your already engaged audiences.

Advertising is different than content marketing: You are placing your content in front of potential customers through digital or traditional methods.

Influencer marketing is a whole different technique. You are letting somebody else tell your story to their massive audience. This tactic reaches a larger number of people in your target market than you would have before, and you are building their trust in your brand through the voice of the influencer they follow. More people trust what seems like a personal recommendation from an influencer than a traditional advertisement.

Hey Google, how do I deploy an influencer marketing campaign?

Answering this question is more involved than a few tips in a blog post or just a quick Google search. To learn how to deploy an influencer marketing campaign for your business, join us August 27th for our final workshop of our Summer of Social series.

Topics will include:

  • Basic elements of influencer marketingHands-on examples using your brand
  • Understanding the differences of influencer marketing
  • Exploring real campaigns using influencers in their business

This workshop will help get you on the right track to launching your own influencer marketing plan! Get your questions answered, enjoy Filipino food for lunch and leave with a firm grasp on influencer marketing! Tickets are $35, so what are you waiting for? Get your ticket today!

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