Game of Interns: Our Watch Never Ends


Game of Interns: Our Watch Never Ends

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 24 May 2019

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Game of Interns: Our Watch Never Ends

Summer is Here. With so many things coming to a close, like our favorite TV series and movie franchise phases, we can choose to look at it one of two ways: we can either choose to see this time as a sad period of endings, or we can choose to see it as a beautiful period of new beginnings.

As Siarza Social Digital has grown, so too have we changed. We are constantly taking on new clients, adapting to new and improved strategies, and adding new talent to our team.

May 2019 was a period of new beginnings for many of the team. One of our copywriters, Alicia, and both of our interns, Kim and River, all graduated with their Bachelor’s degrees.

Alicia and River graduated from the University of New Mexico’s Communication and Journalism department with Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, with concentrations in Strategic Communication, and Kim graduated from UNM’s Anderson School of Management with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Though we are sad to see our interns leave, we are so happy for them, and we can’t wait to see what they grow to become in the coming years. Kim’s last day was last Wednesday, and River’s will be this week.

We also can’t wait to see who else joins our team as we continue to grow, and how we can help them to grow in their own way.

Speaking of endings, what was up with the Game of Thrones ending, right? Only Danielle and River watched Game of Thrones, so when they would talk about it in the office every Monday, the rest of us did our best not to look confused.

(Don’t worry, they asked us if we cared about spoilers, and we said no.)

Every now and again everyone in the office gets together and participates in some form of relevant creative outlet. It’s never a formal thing, but when it happens, it’s always so funny.

For instance, when Snapchat rolled out the filters that swapped your gender and the one that made you look like a baby, we all took out our phones and laughed about how we all looked. We’re not going to name any names, but one of us thought their gender-swapped picture was so hot, they started flirting with themselves. Insert crying-laughing emoji here. 

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So anyways, Game of Thrones just ended, and we all decided to take tests to see which characters we are from Game of Thrones. There were a couple Margaerys, a Tyrion, and even a Cersei.

Well, one thing led to another, and we gave everyone in the office Ye-Olde-Titles inspired by the titles of the Game of Thrones characters only two of us knew anything about.

River, whom we dubbed the Master of Titles, came up with or refined most of them — which is one of the main reasons we are going to miss him. Please enjoy.

Kristelle of House Siarza, First of Her Name, Queen of the Office and the Philippines Team, the Driver of the Yellow Camaro

Donyelle the Goddess, Keeper of Clients and Master of Strategy

Dani Stormbringer, Mother of Interns, Taker of Joy, Breaker of Egos, The Underappreciated.

Alicia the Finisher, Master of Copy, Writer of Wins

Simon the Sayer, Lord of Memes, Master of Logos, The Websmith #SimonSays

Julia the Bouncer, Creator of Content, Writer of Blogs

and last but not least…

River the Unpunctual, Master of Titles, Retriever of Coffee, the Unheard


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