Breaking Through Digital Noise Through Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Breaking Through Digital Noise Through Text Message Marketing

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 27 Jan 2018

To say that millenials are the only people glued to their phones, expecting the next text to come through, is incorrect.

When was the last time you told someone to call you? Like actually call your phone and talk to you. For the most part, we say “text me”, because when our phones ring we just stare at them waiting for the call to go to voicemail so we can continue scrolling through social media, reading that email or playing Candy Crush.

Innovating Your Reach, to us, means more than the website development or social media marketing we’re known for. With constant distractions and changes to algorithms, we’ve learned to take an approach that breaks through noise. Text message has proven effective for our clients and friends, and while combating the stereotypes of this “intrusive” craft, people forget about the power of a text.

Text Message Marketing: What is it?

Text message marketing is just that, marketing via text message. It’s one of the easiest ways to reach your audience instantly, no matter where they are (unless they don’t have cell service or Wi-Fi). People will subscribe by sending a word like “Innovate” to a number that is usually (but not always) six digits long. This is like subscribing to an email list. This person now receives any message you want to send to them and others like them unless the decide to opt out.

Text Message Marketing: The Unsubscribe

Like email marketing, the threat of having a lot of unsubscribes is very real. All a person has to do is text the unsubscribe word back to the sending number and they’re off your list and no longer receiving your messages. The best way to avoid unsubscribes making sure that you are not sending content overload. Only use this tool when it is necessary, just like a good frequency in your social media content.

Text Message Marketing: When to Use it

At SiarzaSD, here are our top picks for when to use text message marketing:

  • Events – This type of communication is for important alerts. When you need to reach attendees for any updates about location, weather, start times or emergency situations, text message marketing is a great way to get your message out right away and feel confident that at least most of the recipients open and read the information.
  • Exclusive Offers – Consumers want to feel like they are getting something special for being loyal to your brand. Have customers sign up to be a part of your exclusive club and send them special member specials or contests that only a recipient of the text can take advantage of.
  • Special Announcement/Updates: Just got a new product in and you want to get the word out right away? Send a text to your list and instantly reach your target audience. Many special announcements are usually pre-planned but sometimes things just pop up and this is the perfect tool for those unexpected needs.
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