2020: How we got through it together

2020: How we got through it together

2020: How we got through it together

By: SiarzaSD
Date: 22 Dec 2020

The SiarzaSD year in review

This year has been one to remember for better or for worse. But one thing is for sure, we all are coming into 2021 stronger because we worked together! Check out some of our highlights of this year and how our team grew to be an even better agency than before. 

Crisis communications like pros

When the pandemic first started and stay at home orders were put in place, communications with clients were more important than ever. Our team put our experiences in crisis communication to work right away. Whether it was prepping messages for websites, preparing content to update customers on changes, or tracking industry specific restrictions, we made sure all of our clients were taken care of. It’s not easy, but seeing our clients come through during hard times kept us going.

Same dedication to family with some new faces

Our work family grew in more ways than one this year. We were very excited to welcome Chastity, Katie and Justin to the team. Chastity is our bookkeeper and has brought our accounts into check like nobody’s business! Katie came on board as Kristelle’s executive assistant, and we could not be more grateful. Justin has upped the quality of our video and photography work in a major way. Not to mention, each of them fits right in with our meme-sharing, witty, and hard working team. 

We can’t go without mentioning one more precious bundle who has brought so many smiles to our virtual meetings! Our Donyelle welcomed Miss Charli Olivia in June and she made the world a brighter place ever since. 

Using our tools to connect

When all meetings have to shift to virtual, you have to make the best of it right?! Our team’s weekly check-ins became a time for all of us to take a little break, have some fun, and grow closer as a team (even from far away). We even considered inviting a llama or two, but maybe another time. 

Online platforms also gave us the opportunity to help even more small businesses in our community. Through webinars, we were able to connect with business owners and share tips on communications, virtual events, and strategic planning for next year. If you missed any of our webinars, check out the full broadcasts on our YouTube channel. 

Community work- Hey ma I’m on TV

Community has always been at the core of our team. When small businesses and local restaurants were hit hard, Kristelle jumped into action for the Albuquerque Asian community. Asian Business Collaborative, ABC, was founded to bring resources and assistance to Asian and Pacific Islander owned businesses with a cultural competency lens. Find out more about the new project here, and read Kristelle’s one-on-one feature in the Albuquerque Journal Business Outlook.

Our solid gold team at the 2020 Cumbres

For the first time ever for our agency, all of our Cumbre submissions earned gold recognition in their respective categories. With two gold awards for campaigns and four for tactics, our team was over the moon to have our work in website building, logo design, event promotion, and social media management showcased. 

The client projects that were highlighted this year included work for The Jennifer Riordan Foundation, 66 Diner, NMPRSA, Taste of Nob Hill, MUDD Volleyball, and RGDSN Buddy Walk

Looking forward to 2021

This year was eventful in very different ways than years before, but we are hopeful that next year will be our best year yet! Thank you to all of our clients, community partners, and fellow small business owners for your continued support and for your passion to keep pursuing your dreams!


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