Our team’s summer 2020 recap

Our summers usually are jam-packed with covering clients events, team fun and new client projects, of course! This summer has been a little different, but our team hasn’t let a little quarantine get in the way of kicking butt for our clients and having some fun along the way. 

Check out some of our summer 2020 highlights and how our team has made the best of this pandemic.


Like many others, Kristelle added to her list of hobbies by taking on a new sport. Who wouldn’t want an excuse to take frustrations out Happy Gilmore-style? This summer, golf has taught her patience and a new appreciation for hot New Mexico days. While cooling off, she kept her hands busy by learning how to embroider.

Her real accomplishments this… unique… summer been keeping up with all the business owners, encouraging the community to keep pushing through and focusing on advancing her business. We’re so happy to have a CEO who has everyone’s back when the going gets tough. 













In June, our team was beyond excited for Donyelle, her husband Brandon, and big brother Nic to welcome little Charli! Donyelle is our super woman, and she had our team prepped and ready to go before her special delivery. (She even cleared out her entire inbox! Beast, right?!) As if all of that wasn’t amazing enough, Donyelle took home the “Make ‘Em Look Good” Public Relations Award as one of Burque’s Best from the American Advertising Federation.

Before Charli’s arrival, her family was busy creating a little backyard oasis that we all can’t wait to celebrate in when quarantine is long gone.





If anyone knows our resident creative lead, you know that his summer has brought about his finest nerd moments. When he was not designing awesome websites, branding new clients, creating stunning billboards, catchy ads, or endless memes, Simon used this summer’s quarantine to catch up on some reading, including Space at the Speed of Light by Dr. Becky Smethurst and Obvious? by Jack Summerford. Also, we can’t forget about his proudest builds of the summer: Lego Saturn V and Apollo 11.

Simon’s also created an oasis of sorts, filling his space with myriad succulents that we all have affectionate pet names for. Who knew he had such a green thumb?
Our creative lead uses his custom-built gaming PC for more than work, too. He has spent the remainder of his free time gaming, and the entire team felt for him when Cyberpunk 2077 was pushed back once again. “Stupid ‘rona.”