Tory Burch

What is a Tory Burch Fellow? The Tory Burch Fellows Program was created to provide support for women entrepreneurs. Tory Burch is known for embracing ambition and supporting women in business. The fellows program provides connections and resources for the fellows to...

Businesses may find legal recourse elusive

The reputation of a business can be seriously and negatively impacted by one bad social media post. Big companies like HBO and the NFL as well as smaller, local ones, like Rockin’ Rollers Event Arena have learned this lesson the hard way. They have experienced a...

Make Some Noise

You’re at a party, maybe you’ve had a Marble IPA or two, and suddenly your friends are sharing different opinions about the wild world of American politics. Who are you looking at? The ones that are speaking up or the ones that are silently nodding along in the...

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